Corporate Gifts/Promotions

We can accommodate the quantity you require, whether it be a few hundred, a few thousand or hundreds of thousands, and we will produce the product/s in any size, shape or design you require.

Where possible we keep the production local, i.e. Australian made, but if the product, budget or quantity require it, we will produce overseas.

The products in which we specialise - small or large quantities

Calendars :- Mini, desk or wall - they can be stapled or wire bound.

Postcards/Promotional cards :- Straight edged or dye cut to your specific shape.

Greeting cards :- Your choice of size plus we have a large photographic film library from which to choose.

Christmas cards :- Individually or boxed.

Magnets :- A variety of thicknesses and any size or shape.

Coasters :- Either plastic on cork, or wood on cork - fixed size (approx 106mm x 96mm).

Puzzles :- Made to your custom size and number of pieces or to our 2 popular sizes (102mmx144mm and 24 pieces/ 144mm x164mm and 48 pieces).

Bookmarks :- Printed either on 1 or both sides in most sizes or shapes.

Key rings :- See-through plastic with printed insert- ideal for photography on one side and your company logo and promotion on the other.

Other products we can access :- Cork coasters, stubby holders, bar runners, pens, shot glasses, wine with your own labels.

Current and previous customers:

Woolworths, Qantas, State Rail, IMG, Sydney Opera House Trust, Steven Spielberg, Uni of NSW, Maritime Services Board, World Expo, Bicentennial Authority.